One of the most refined cuisines in all of Asia

Custodians of a vast country with a varied and fertile landscape, Vietnamese have created one of the most complex and diverse cuisines in all of Asia. With a history as tumultuous as theirs, there is no doubt that it had something to do with the variety of food that we find in Vietnam. A thousand years under Chinese rule and a hundred years under the French have certainly left their culinary traces in the kitchens of Vietnam.

One words always comes back to describe Vietnamese food: FRESH. 
Enormous plates of exotic fresh herbs (perilla, sawtooth coriander, la lop...) accompany and punctuate almost every meal in Vietnam.

This freshness also manifests itself in the numerous salads on offer. Always without oil and always with explosive flavours, Vietnamese are geniuses when it comes to finding the best possible combinations of vegetables, crunchy fruits, nuts, meat, seafood and fresh herbs. Unripe starfruit, rare beef and peanuts; pomelo, crab and sesame seeds ; green papaya and beef jerky. Always, spicy, sweet, sour, salty and crunchy. Vietnamese salads play a huge role in our most memorable gastronomic experiences.