Mexican food is one of the most colorful, creative and exciting cuisines in the world

Mexican food was the first cuisine in the world to receive Unesco protection of its unique and important culinary heritage. No other cuisine shows us more beautifully its story as it sits between old and new world traditions. With each bite, the pre-columbian world, with its gastronomic culture based on corn and chillies, is married with the flavours of medieval Spain with its herbs, vinegars and now-forgotten spices.

Chillies, tomatillos, cactus, fish, seafood, tequila, avocados, fresh cheese, tropical fruits...one thing is for sure, Mexico is an agricultural paradise!

In addition to the rich culinary hertiage it inherited, Mexico also sits upon some of the most fertile land in the world. The country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic and the Caribbean on the other. Which means that fresh fish and seafood are also never far away.