The most diverse culinary traditions in the world

All the products of the earth (vegetables, grains, meat and fish) are used with finesse, creativity and dexterity. Authentic Indian cuisine will certainly surprise you. Still very much unknown outside of the Indian Sub-Continent, the cuisine from this part of the globe is tragically under represented in the Western hemispehere. Forget everything you know about Indian restaurant food. REAL indian food, the food that is cooked by 1 billion Indians everyday, is extremely varied, seasonal and contrary to popluar belief, is some of the healthiest food in the world.

 Master of all types of spices, no other cuisine knows how to take such full advantage of this unique culinary arsenal. Upon tasting these spiced dishes (though not always spicy), your tastebuds will be forever awakened to the infinite possibilities that spices can bring to your cooking.

India is a unique and mesmorizing country that offers endless possibilities; no other aspect of Indian culture than its gastronomy could better represent its diversity, its genius and its elegance.